Halle Deneen’s To be a model

Founded in 2017, To Be A Model provides models with a platform to learn more about the modeling industry and how they can excel their career. In addition to learning about the modeling industry and just what it takes ‘To Be A Model,’ Halle focuses on empowering women of all shapes and sizes to accept and love themselves! Through empowerment sessions, panel discussions, runway coaching, and posing coaching, women gain the opportunity to connect with other likeminded individuals while unveiling their true unique gifts.


Baltimore, MD

There is no place like home! To kick off the start of many more classes, Halle held her first class in her hometown. Thank you to the giftbag sponsors for providing these women with amazing products!

Ashley Stewart, Labella Accessories, Don Deano, Citi Trends, and Oh Popular Lashes


Washington, DC

Halle’s second class was held in Washington, DC! It was amazing to hear that women travels from a far to attend this class! Thank you to the gift bag sponsors for providing these women with amazing products!

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Chicago, IL

Chicago welcomed Halle with open arms!

Models were able to learn posing tips and other valuable industry information.

Halle partnered with Models Digest Trends Magazine to offer one model a spread in the magazine.

Halle Deneen’s One On One Sessions

Halle Deneen’s one one one sessions are geared towards models who prefer individual support and training versus classroom style teaching. Throughout these one on one sessions, Models are able to learn about the modeling industry and how they can excel in modeling. Through exploring and learning about different topics such as ‘How to get started in modeling’ and ‘Ways to become to a signed model’ to Branding and ‘How to make money as a freelance model’ Halle lays out the blueprint of just what it takes #ToBeAModel while establishing the model’s brand and goals. Halle currently holds one on one sessions in: Baltimore, MD, New York, NY, and Los Angeles, CA. Want to know more information or book a one on one session? Fill out the form below to get started!

oneonone for site.png
It was so amazing to listen to Halle’s stories and experiences! It was so cool to see someone literally on all of my favorite websites and storefronts now sitting there giving me tips.. My favorite topic we discussed was branding and being consistent with your brand. I left feeling inspired, informed and motivated about my future model endeavors!
— Krysten Gutrich
Halle helped both refresh and educate me on modeling and the industry. She displayed a great, positive and encouraging attitude. It was an amazing session. I myself prefer the one-on-one session versus group sessions. I will continue to refer back to what I learned with you as I rebrand. Next level loading...
— Curby Ingram
I appreciate Halle for being so patient, understanding, and uplifting. She is very knowledgeable, super professional and made it a worthwhile experience. I feel extremely motivated again and confident about my modeling career.
— Yolelda Ira

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