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Ready to learn how to secure paid brand deals?


    Does this sound like you?

    ➡️ You've been avoiding putting yourself out there as an influencer/content creator due to fear.

    ➡️You don't have a strategy in place for positioning yourself as an expert in your niche on social media.

    ➡️You're afraid that you won't receive the support of your followers and/or friends and family.

    ➡️You are frustrated with consistently receiving "no" or gifted collaborations from brands.

    ➡️You're scared to ask for paid brand collaborations out of fear that you will lose the brand partnership as a whole.

    ➡️You've been struggling with turning gifted partnerships into paid brand collaborations!

    ➡️You second guess your creativity as an influencer and in response: you simply won't create anything.

    ➡️ You simply don't know where to start, so you haven't 🤷🏾‍♀️


    I get it! 


    which is why I created a 6-week influencer mentorship program where I am going to show you how to secure paid brand deals!

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    Model, Agent, and Influencer + Model Coach
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    I help models and influencers elevate their careers to truly living the life they desire!

    I have been coaching models for over 5 years from all over the world! After working closely with brands as a model AND influencer, I have first-hand knowledge and insight on exactly what they are looking for from influencers! 

    After cracking the code and securing HUGE brand deals, I knew that I wanted to share my exact strategies, tools, and techniques for other influencers to do the same! 

    Here's a sneak peak of what to expect in The Exclusive Influencer Program!

    How to establish your personal brand and brand identity on social media
    Mindset Mastery- tackling your subconscious beliefs about yourself and your money in order to establish a healthy mindset and attract more!
    How to elevate your social media aesthetic- my secret tip to stocking up on content and strategically planning your IG feed!
    How to create a powerful media kit that stands out amongst other influencers
    How to craft the perfect pitch- tips on garnering a response from brands!
    Not to mention, how to get paid brand collaborations
    and so 👏🏾 much 👏🏾 MORE! (This doesn't even scratch the surface)

    My favorite part about the program is the MENTORSHIP! Not only will you have the opportunity to network with and meet other influencers in the private group, but you will also gain access to office hours to gain personalized strategies for success.
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